“Ask your doctor if [insert drug name here] is right for you”

I REALLY HATE television ads for prescription drugs. Not only do they undermind the doctor-patient relationship (if such a thing still exists under managed health care), but they mislead the public into thinking that they can demand whatever medication that they think they need. These ads can open communication between doctors and their patients, but… Continue reading “Ask your doctor if [insert drug name here] is right for you”

Steroid Delirium

Steroids in professional sports (yeah, I know … I’m stretching a bit by including pro wrestling as a sport) IS a problem that needs to be addressed. Steroids do more than pump up the body. The abuse of steroids can lead to psychiatric problems as well. The tragic story of Chris Benoit should be a… Continue reading Steroid Delirium

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder refresher

Kenneth J. Headen, M.D., psychiatrist and author, has written an excellent review about ADHD on his blog. Dr. Headen holds a special place in my heart. He and ariadneK were the first to link back to the original Psych Patient, MD blog. Both Dr. Headen’s and ariadneK’s blogs are worth bookmarking. The links are listed… Continue reading Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder refresher

… it’s making me wait …

Okay, beautiful Sunday morning. I’m sitting at my computer going through my email, drinking a leisurely cup of coffee, and then … I gotta go. But I don’t wanna go. Not just yet. Just lemme finish reading my email. Then I’ll go. Then the cramping starts. I really should go, now. Hmmm, okay. I’ll go.… Continue reading … it’s making me wait …

Sleep and Meds

I take all of my medications in the morning. For some strange reason, the earlier in the morning I take them, the better they work. In fact, I got into the habit of getting up around 5 or 6 AM, taking my meds, then going back to bed. Within an hour or so, I feel… Continue reading Sleep and Meds

Effexor Withdrawal

Now I know why doctors aren’t supposed to treat themselves. Tapering off Effexor XR seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, it would be better than just stopping cold turkey. I had the doses I needed in the med samples that my doctor gave me. I was on 75 + 37.5 mg… Continue reading Effexor Withdrawal