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Mental Health Parity Call-in Day 12/07/2007

I love the USA and am proud to be an American, but mental health care here sucks. As far as health insurance goes, even though psychiatry is a medical specialty, benefits pertaining to mental health are in a separate section of the policy and are NOT the same as those pertaining to other medical specialties.

Please, if you or someone you know would appreciate access to mental health equal to that of all other health care, take a little time today to read this blog entry about Mental Health Parity Call-in Day in the US, and make a quick phone call to your elected government officials. To shamefully borrow from the NAACP, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Thanks for your time.

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I’m finally getting through Michele Novotni‘s book What Does Everybody Else Know That I Don’t?: Social Skills Help for Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. In her chapter on disorganization, she relates a story about a woman who was getting a divorce. Now, this woman knew that the marriage was over, but she was hesitant about the divorce. She knew that part of the process would be to sell their home and divide the proceeds of the sale. She described her home as having piles of stuff “thigh high” with narrow pathways between for walking through. Walls were lined with stacks of boxes. She knew that in order to sell the house, she would have to clear out all of her piles of stuff first. THAT was going to be the hard part of the divorce!

Much as it pains me to admit it, that description fits my apartment to a T. The mere thought of moving can send me into a panic.

One more anecdote from the book that hit me hard:

An employee who thinks that he might have ADHD goes to see his company’s psychologist. The psychologist has a simple three-question test to make the diagnosis.

Look at your desk and ask yourself:

  • How many piles of stuff do you have there?
  • How big are the piles?
  • How old is the stuff at the bottom?

I have unopened mail that is at least two years old. I just recently threw away print-outs of email messages from 2003.

And to think that I was thisclose to becoming a full-fledged psychiatrist …

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder refresher

Kenneth J. Headen, M.D., psychiatrist and author, has written an excellent review about ADHD on his blog.

Dr. Headen holds a special place in my heart. He and ariadneK were the first to link back to the original Psych Patient, MD blog. Both Dr. Headen’s and ariadneK’s blogs are worth bookmarking. The links are listed under Mental Health Blogs in my blogroll.

ADHD Personality Traits

I just can’t seem to get along …

When I was about to leave home for graduate school, my dad and I talked about living arrangements. I told him about the dorm apartments for graduate students and that I had requested a two-bedroom to share with a roommate. My dad suggested that I change that request to a one-bedroom for myself alone because I don’t get along with other people very well. Thanks a lot, Dad!! I went off to school, met a lot of cool people, then ended up alienating myself from all of them, including my roommate. The next year I had a studio apartment to myself.

I still run into problems with “getting along” with people. I know that it is me, because I am the only common denominator, but I don’t know what it is that I do exactly. I am hot-headed and passionate. I don’t think before I speak a lot of the time. But when I don’t speak, then I am perceived as stubborn, or angry, or snobbish. It makes people nervous if I don’t say anything. I know that I do not have a “poker face” and my feelings always come through with my facial expression. But even in online conference rooms, where nobody sees me since I abhor web cams, I have been told that people get nervous when I stay silent. But I open my mouth and I get reactions that I don’t expect.

I think that is par for the course for people with ADHD. I bought a book supposedly about the social cues that people with ADHD miss. I say supposedly because I have yet to make it past the first chapter. Short attention span. Bad thing. [sigh]

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Looking back

This being the time of year when people typically review and reminisce, I thought I would post my very first blog entry here. The original date of posting was May 31, 2005. It is in my first blog, PsychPatient, MD which you may read at here.

Who do I think I am?!

I am a psychiatric patient. Never thought I would be broadcasting that over the Internet. I have been diagnosed with depression and adult ADHD. I take medication daily. I go to individual psychotherapy sessions once a week.

I also have a PhD in pharmacology. And I graduated from medical school and completed two of the four years required post-graduate training for a specialty in psychiatry. But I don’t have a license to practice medicine. This blog is not intended to give medical advice. Information supplied here is solely my own personal opinion.

I want to break a stereotype. I am not an uneducated homeless person wandering the streets muttering to myself or screaming at the top of my lungs at inanimate objects. I am an internet marketing consultant, leading a quiet life in a studio apartment in NYC. Although I do not fit the commonly held stereotype, neither am I a rarity among psychiatric patients.

This blog is my forum to express my personal opinions on mental health issues. I am firmly committed to mental health advocacy. I want to lend support and encouragement to fellow psychiatric patients. I hope to supply a unique perspective on mental health care that is colored by my experiences both as a patient and as a clinician. Comments are always welcome.

Again, this blog is not meant to substitute for professional advice from a licensed clinician.

Much has changed since May 2005, but I am still under psychiatric care albeit less intensive. I hope to go back to medicine one day. For now, I am working on the internet trying to regain my bearings, my composure, and my self confidence.