… it’s making me wait …

Okay, beautiful Sunday morning. I’m sitting at my computer going through my email, drinking a leisurely cup of coffee, and then … I gotta go. But I don’t wanna go. Not just yet. Just lemme finish reading my email. Then I’ll go.

Then the cramping starts. I really should go, now. Hmmm, okay. I’ll go. Just lemme finish my coffee.

So I get to the bathroom, and I CAN’T go!

Half an hour and lots of straining later, I have a clogged toilet!

We can put people on the moon. We can re-use space craft. Why can’t we make a psychiatric medication that doesn’t cause constipation?!


  1. or, more to the point, how about something that’ll make us adhd folk actually get up and GO when we need to instead of saying, “I don’t wanna right now … I will right after x.”

    i have heard more adhd adults say this than i ever thought possible! i thought i was the only one!!!

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