Ketchup … hold the mayo

Another year gone by, now it has been eight since you left this world. I miss you, Mommy.

My life is more stable now. I haven’t moved out of state in almost a year. That’s one major life stressor resolved.

I lost a very dear friend in December. She died unexpectedly. I blew her off the last time she wanted to chat because I didn’t feel like gossiping. I wish I hadn’t done that. She always gave me my space. She’d slap me upside the head, too, when I needed it. She was a rock for me the last time my world imploded. I never told her how much that meant to me. She was a huge part of the support network that got me through the past two years. You would like her, Mommy. She would answer my cooking questions for me. She only made fun of me the time that I made meatloaf with mayonnaise because I didn’t have any eggs. I miss my friend, too.

I’m doing okay without medications. I still wonder what’s the point of doing anything, and I get anxious over little things, but I keep busy and make a little progress each day. My diet is much better now, and I’m taking multivitamins again. You made me take Geritol when I was in high school. That’s probably why I’m in fairly good health today. It probably helped me get through my depressive episode in high school, too. All those B vitamins are supposed to be good for stress.

I’m in a good place now, Mommy. Hope I don’t blow it all to bits.

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