“Ask your doctor if [insert drug name here] is right for you”

I REALLY HATE television ads for prescription drugs. Not only do they undermind the doctor-patient relationship (if such a thing still exists under managed health care), but they mislead the public into thinking that they can demand whatever medication that they think they need. These ads can open communication between doctors and their patients, but please, what man is going to ask his doctor if he is healthy enough for sexual activity? I’m not saying that people should not blindly accept whatever drug is prescribed for them. If you don’t know why you are taking something, ASK!

This blog entry explains my feelings about prescription drug ads much better than I can. I get too worked up emotionally to be coherent sometimes.


  1. I agree!! As a health care professional I come across so many patients that stop taking their medicine because of something they have seen on TV (maybe they should sue the TV advertisers instead of the drug companies when something goes wrong).

  2. I don’t see how anyone would want to take any of the drugs they see on tv. It MAY help this but it has all of these side effects, one of which is death and by the way you will probably end up on other drugs to counteract the side effects of this drug and on and on. No drugs is good drugs! Do MDs get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies? How about dealing with the cause of the problem instead of covering it up with drugs? It is the kickbacks isn’t it?

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