Daddy forgot my birthday

Okay, I know. I’m 40 years old. It shouldn’t matter to me whether my dad remembers my birthday. He was bad with birthdays when I was growing up, but he always remembered mine because it’s two days before his wedding anniversary. I was actually due to be born on my parents’ wedding anniversary. It’s not… Continue reading Daddy forgot my birthday

Happy Birthday to me

I am 40 years old today. My peers and cohorts are parents, physicians, homeowners, academicians. I am none of these. Thinking about that fact used to really bother me. Now I just don’t much care.


I have made much progress in the past six months. My life has changed dramatically. I am getting back to where I was before, much more willing to speak my mind. That used to get me into trouble. And it is probably going to do it again. I have not learned how to handle confrontation.… Continue reading Progress?

Looking back

This being the time of year when people typically review and reminisce, I thought I would post my very first blog entry here. The original date of posting was May 31, 2005. It is in my first blog, PsychPatient, MD which you may read at here. Who do I think I am?! I am a… Continue reading Looking back

In the beginning

In the beginning, there were blogs. And I did not want a blog. I thought no one would want to read what I wanted to say. There was an online program, and being a good little member/follower, I started a blog just as I was told to do. For back then, I did what I… Continue reading In the beginning

Some Background

I was a teenaged runaway. I ran away from life and disappeared into a dark hole named depression. It was not diagnosed until I was well into my 20s. I just thought that life sucked for everyone. I used to think that everybody thought that they would be better off dead. Somebody had to tell… Continue reading Some Background

My New Home…maybe

Hello Folks. I am thinking of moving my blog. I want to try out this format. If you want to see what this blog is about, check out

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