In the beginning

In the beginning, there were blogs. And I did not want a blog. I thought no one would want to read what I wanted to say.

There was an online program, and being a good little member/follower, I started a blog just as I was told to do. For back then, I did what I was told to do.

The blog was read by many. I was very happy about that. But only members of that program could leave comments. I did not like that. Members were instructed to promote a certain program. I REALLY did not like that.

Suddenly, I sprouted wings and began to fly. I saw many wondrous things in the world. And I wanted more.

I met Mike Filsaime at a conference. He recommended as a good place for a blog. I thought about it, for by then I had learned to think about things, and went to check it out. I could write about what I wanted. I could host the blog wherever I wanted. I did not have to pay a fee. And ANYBODY could post comments! is the new home for my blog. And all is good again.


  1. Hello Eva, yes I know what program you are talking about as I still have a blog there. I am going to look and see if you do also. I just love to blog so much and about so many different subjects that I want many different options. Blogger is just one of them.

    I have started a Personal Development blog here at and it is found here. Personal Development

    I have blogs in several niches however including Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Natural Health, Comic Books, Writing, Business Opportunities and blogs themselves.

    Keep up the good work and it was great to see you here.

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