Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder refresher

Kenneth J. Headen, M.D., psychiatrist and author, has written an excellent review about ADHD on his blog. Dr. Headen holds a special place in my heart. He and ariadneK were the first to link back to the original Psych Patient, MD blog. Both Dr. Headen’s and ariadneK’s blogs are worth bookmarking. The links are listed… Continue reading Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder refresher

Oh so true …

“More often than not, a hero’s most epic battle is the one you never see;it’s the battle that goes on within him or herself.” — Kevin Smith

… it’s making me wait …

Okay, beautiful Sunday morning. I’m sitting at my computer going through my email, drinking a leisurely cup of coffee, and then … I gotta go. But I don’t wanna go. Not just yet. Just lemme finish reading my email. Then I’ll go. Then the cramping starts. I really should go, now. Hmmm, okay. I’ll go.… Continue reading … it’s making me wait …

The most caring child

Help Comes In Many Forms … Author and lecturer Leo Buscaglia once talked about a contest hewas asked to judge. The purpose of the contest was to find themost caring child. The winner was a four year old child whose nextdoor neighbour was an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife.Upon seeing the man… Continue reading The most caring child

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