A Man’s Apology

(published with permission from the author)

A Man’s Apology
Aaron C. Peavy

So many years have gone by,
Lost, burnt, utterly destroyed.
Through all of the arguments
With half of a mind I toyed.
As I look back over the years,
My fogged and hazy brain clears,
I see life without the tears.
Hard for me to view my wrongs,
To say you might have been right.
Not my ego in the way,
But the reasons for the fight.
I’ve hated from an ideal,
From a thought of life unreal;
Dignity, from you I steal.
A childhood with a promise
Thought from you I was denied.
Away from you I set out,
I never saw how you cried.
You repaired bridges burned,
From me your heart never turned,
A reward I never earned.
Finally now I am grown,
Can understand my desired:
From a long havoc wreaked past,
A friendship which never tires.
Apology I do rend,
Waiting long before I send,
Guarantee it’s not a trend.
Over ups and downs of life,
A foundation you did lay.
Solid ground upon to stand,
Debt to you I can’t repay.