Am I depressed?

Okay, how do you tell the difference between depression due to chemical imbalances of the brain versus depression due to your situation in life? Hell if I know.

So I increased my meds like my shrink suggested to do. At the same time, my boyfriend’s mother has become even more annoying and intrusive. I went back to my original medication regimen after a week because I felt like I was ready to jump out of my skin. But was that because of my brain gone haywire, or my life gone haywire?

To clarify, my life hasn’t really gone completely haywire, just parts of it. But it seems like there is no immediate solution. Maybe not even one in the future. Is that my mind’s eye going blind, or my depressive personality trait, or the drama queen in me?

My shrink deserves WAY more than I pay him.


  1. The way I know I am depressed and need a change in meds is that I start to sleep a lot, thinking about how my family might be better off without me, and become unable to deal with the littlest problem.

    If you got the “felt like I was jumping out of my skin” feeling, I would say you are taking Prozac. I used Prozac for years, but eventually got the “can’t sit down syndrome” (hyperactive and hypersensitive) and had to switch to Zoloft.

    You have the right to be depressed if you are in the middle of several crises at home and work, have lost a loved one or job, have teenagers (LOL), are undergoing menopause (or perimenopause) or PMS, living through any major life change.

    Depression seems to run in families, but lately it seems to run in the world. These are some tough times in which we live.

    Give yourself a hug, get a pedicure and/or massage and spend a day doing ONLY what you want to do.

    Then, take stock of how you feel and go from there.

    Here’s a *hug*.

  2. Actually, I am on Effexor XR. I started out on Paxil back in 1994 when I was first diagnosed. Since then, I have been through several different classes of antidepressant meds.

    I suspect that depression runs in my family, but that is something that the family will not discuss. I just make sure that the next generation is aware of my psych history.

    Thanks for the hug 🙂

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