Letter to my mother

Hi Mommy,

How are you? Are you warm enough with the clothes we sent you? Daddy sent more money today for you and Susan. I hope you have enough, and that you are happy.

I have thought a lot about you over the past seven years. I never thought that we had much in common. Then I remembered that you left your mother in China when you were young. You did not have her to talk to when you got married, or had babies, or had problems with Daddy. It’s too late for me to have a baby, but I don’t have you to talk to for all that other “woman” stuff that you were going to tell me about after I got married. I don’t have my mommy for my adult life, just like you didn’t.

It was very brave of you to leave your home and your country to come to the United States, not knowing what the future held for you. I never thought about that while you were alive. I realize now that I did not get my courage and determination from Daddy. It came from you.

I miss you.



  1. I noticed a hypothesis ragarding your babyhaving potential. Ever since Abraham, and maybe even earlier, such hypotheses have been ventured. Thus, naturally, it crossed my mind to wonder whether the hypothesis as stated represented a ‘good thing’ or a ‘bad thing’ or merely an unproven thing subject to potential investigation at some future spacetimecoordinate (nexus?)… 😉 🙂 😀


  2. Its so nice to know that you admire your mom. womans are known to be afraid of everything but sometimes as a woman we need to be brave and face the reality of life.

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