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This old dog is learning

I help take care of a beautiful dog named Raleigh. He is the cutest thing, and I love him to bits! He’s a little quirky, but aren’t we all?

The other day I let Raleigh out to do his thing. We went through the sliding glass doors out onto the deck leading to the back yard. As usual, I have to practically chase him off the deck to go do his business. He goes trotting off into the yard, then stops about 10 feet from me and turns around to see if I’m still standing there (he hates being left alone anywhere). For a split second, I want to run out there and go with him. But I stop myself. “You have to let go, Eva,” I tell myself. “He won’t learn to be independent if you keep coddling him.”

Instead, I tell him, “Go on, Raleigh. I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

A dog is teaching me how to parent. Sigh.