Too young to dye

I’ve complained before about how the only hair that seems to shed from my head are the dark ones, not the stray gray ones that have begun showing up. The gray ones I have to pluck myself. That bit of vanity I still have.

Well, today it finally happened. Ran my fingers through my hair this morning and out came a long white hair in my hand.

I swear that I am NOT going to grow old gracefully. But I’m only 43 years old. I’m too young to dye now.


  1. Growing up, I used to dye my hair a bunch of different colors including blonde, black, and red. Now that you are going to dye, how about trying a new hair color?

  2. Dye? Why? I am 11 yrs older than you, have too many silverthreats to pull them out! I don’t and won’t dye, gray hair can be beautiful too you know 🙂

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