For those interested in learning how I got started in blogging, I will be posting a link to a webpage that will list the entries from the original Psych Patient, MD blog. You will not be able to post new comments to those entries. The page will simply be the posts and comments for your reading curiosity. The link will be listed under Mental Health Blogs.

I used to journal the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper. When I re-read previous entries, the emotions I felt when I was writing the entry came rushing back. I am amazed that the same thing is happening to me as I am setting up the new web page. In formatting the page, I am also editing for spelling, so I am re-reading my old blog. Boy, was that an intense time for me! Tough as it is to re-live that era of my life, it does remind me of why I started blogging. My passion for mental health advocacy has been re-awakened. And that passion is beginning to spark my writing muse anew.

There’s life in this old girl yet!

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