The doctor will be with you shortly

Some of you may know that I began my blogging career with another blog, Psych Patient, MD. That blog was pretty popular when I kept it up, but there were problems with people being able to post comments to it. I let it go by the wayside and started this blog. I tried to maintain both blogs, but they have the same theme, just different names.

I still own the domain name for the old blog. For some strange reason, I am really attached to it. I was hoping to use it for something eventually. Now, with the help of, I will be able to combine this blog with the old one under the original blog name and url! will host any domain name that you own and point that name to your Blogger blog! What is the advantage to that? You can use the new Blogger functions on your own domain name! Right now, this blog is NOT hosted on Blogger. I have the entries sent by FTP to one of my personal web domains. Because I use the FTP option for posting, I can’t use the new Blogger template functions. It just isn’t logistically feasible. I have another Blogger blog that takes advantage of the new Blogger template features, and I absolutely LOVE it!

So … this blog shall return as Psych Patient MD with a new url. One blog, one theme, one author trying to sort out her life in a public arena. The doctor will be with you shortly.

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