Dream interpretation fascinates me. It seems very subjective to me though. What can be more personal than your dreams? I offer up only the really weird ones, or the very obvious ones, in therapy. There are still some things that I just cannot say to anybody, even my therapist.

The other night I had the strange experience, strange for me at least, of talking in my sleep. TWICE! Both times I was very angry in the dream and I woke up yelling something that was not very nice. The first time was around midnight, and my boyfriend heard me from downstairs in the family room. He even came upstairs to find out what was wrong. The second time was around 5 am. My boyfriend very gently called out my name to wake me up so that I would stop dreaming about the “mother-f***ing a**hole” that I was yelling at.

Obviously, I have some anger issues.

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  1. I just posted about a weird dream today. Stop on by and give me your insight.

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