I had a strange dream last night. My mother came to visit me. She told Aaron to make sure that I eat Chinese food once in awhile. I pulled Aaron aside and explained to him that she wasn’t accusing him of not feeding me; it was her way of telling him to take care of me. Then we were in my apartment, only it wasn’t my apartment; it was the apartment from that Marlo Thomas show “That Girl.” My mother’s luggage was sitting in the front doorway, but only half of it was there. My mother decided that she was going to leave a day early. I went out the front door to see my mother disappearing down the stairs. I was several floors up, and the stairs went down in a huge spiral around the center of the building. I never actually saw my mother. I called after her. Actually, I was yelling down the stairs for her to come back and stay with me.

Then, I felt Aaron’s arm go around me, and I woke up. This morning I asked Aaron if I was talking in my sleep and he said yes, a little bit.