I had a strange dream last night. My mother came to visit me. She told Aaron to make sure that I eat Chinese food once in awhile. I pulled Aaron aside and explained to him that she wasn’t accusing him of not feeding me; it was her way of telling him to take care of… Continue reading Mommy?

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Another day, another year

Happy Birthday to Me.Happy Birthday to Me.After 40 years of agony,I want to be free. Where is my serenity?I live in a seaawash with paranoia.Is there any hope for me? Depression is killing me,not physically, but spiritually.Constantly seeking answersis wearing badly on me. Happy Birthday to me.Happy Birthday to me.In my world of confusion,I want… Continue reading Another day, another year


See this pill?Just look, little girl.Do not crush or chew.Simply swallowand peace comes to you. It will let you sleep.It will let you dream.It will dry away your tears.It will answer all your prayers. Eyes close down.Brain remains in gear.Can’t find the stairs,but gotta get over there.What always remainsis fear.